For the Love of God Church - Church Philosophy
For the Love of God Church  - Headquaters: Heidelberg, MS

 For the Love of God Church Philosophy

Mission Statement
           It is the mission of this church to spread the gospel of the Kingdom as commissioned by God, according to Mark 16:15 which states “Go ye into all the world, and preach the gospel to all creatures.”  As stated in Acts 2:38 we are to repent and be baptized in the name of Jesus Christ for the remission of sins and to receive the gift of the Holy Ghost.  As ambassadors of Christ, we are to exemplify Godly attributes as becoming saints of proclaiming His wondrous works and unconditional love towards us.  We seek to nurture all those who enter this church through preaching, teaching, prayer and finding guidance through the Word of God.

I.           Serve the community through various forms of outreach
a.  Feeding programs
b.  Clothing initiatives
c.   Visiting the sick and afflicted
d.  Providing academic aid and employment readiness
II.         Provide a spiritual pillar to our community
a.  Intercede for our community through prayer
b.  Conduct Spirit-led and anointed services that are welcoming and engaging
c.   Teach practical and Biblically based lessons.
d.  Live a life that is manifests Holiness and modesty
III.      Empower our members
a.  Promote Spiritual growth through teaching and training.
b.  Promote academic achievement
c.   Help members to become financially free through teaching principles of giving and financial literacy.
d.  Strengthen families through teaching and family oriented activities

I.           Our services will be conducted professionally, respectfully, and with decency and order.
II.         We will respect and love one another as instructed by Jesus.
III.      We will welcome and respect visitors, friends, and those of different beliefs.
IV.       The Bible and the Holy Spirit will be our basis for operation and our governing authority.
V.          Our focus will be the exaltation of Jesus and the great commission that He gave to the church.
VI.       We will be integral in the collection and allocation of resources that are given to the church.
VII.    As we learn more about God and His plan for the church, we will not be so entrenched in doctrine that we do not obey the voice of God and adjust to His plan for us. 
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