For the Love of God Church - From our Assistant Pastor
For the Love of God Church  - Headquaters: Heidelberg, MS
A Welcome from Our Assistant Pastor and Wife:
Hello Family and Friends,
    As the assistant pastor and wife of For the Love of God Church, we would like to welcome you to ”Transforming Lives Ministries", where we are learning of and laboring for God. Transforming lives by renewing minds is our mission, and we want to inform you that we love and care for you. This is truly a house of prayer and praise and worship with the praise and worship team ushering in the presence of the Lord every Sunday and the prayer request being lifted to God every Tuesday before empowerment sessions. The teachings of our pastor, ministers, and Sunday School teachers are phenomenal with every lesson, sermon, and empowerment session challenging us to progress to the next level. 
       What’s really exciting is the fact that we are comprised of people who have a mind to work not only inside the four walls, but in the community. We hope that you can see the light of God in us because it's not about us but about Jesus, who shows us how to love and give. So, as you join us today, we really hope you feel the genuine love of God, and let’s praise and exalt His name together and watch Him do great things in your life today as His word promises. Have a blessed time in the Lord! Sincerely,  

Elder John Sims, Jr. and Sister Shirlene Sims

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