For the Love of God Church - From the Pastor
For the Love of God Church  - Headquaters: Heidelberg, MS

A Welcome from Our Pastor and 1st Lady
                                Praise the Lord.  I pray that you are well and in good health.  I wanted to just take the time out to personally thank you for joining us in our services.  It is my desire as pastor of this church family that you enjoyed yourself during your visit, and that you were spiritually enriched by your experience at our church.  I extend an open invitation for you to visit us again anytime.  We have moved our Bible study from its normal time of Wednesdays at 7:00 to Tuesdays at 7:00.  Feel free to come and learn about the wonders of God with us.  We try to keep our Bible studies candid and engaging with plenty of time for discussion and questions.
            As you can probably tell from the logo above, we have undergone some changes at For the Love of God.  Don’t panic! We are still affiliated with the For the Love of God Church Organization, and there is no rift in the church.  However, after much prayer and meditation, God has led us to define our ministry in a way that lets people know what we strive to do here at For the Love of God Church.  Therefore, I introduce you to “Transforming Lives Ministries” where we are “Learning of God and Laboring for God”.   Our logo illustrates that we believe in the power of Prayer, Salvation/Sacrifice, The Word, and Praise.  Please keep us in prayer as we strive to live up to the mission that has been assigned to us by God.  It is our desire to be a church where we exhibit the love of God by loving one another, healing the spiritually wounded, and empowering Christians to achieve everything that God has promised them through the Word. 
            I look forward to your return visit.  I can personally promise you that I will never pressure you to join our ministry.  It is my belief that people should be led of God when they embark upon the journey of selecting a worship community.  I also understand that you may already have a place of worship that may not meet every Sunday; therefore, I ask that you keep us in mind when you visit churches on the Sundays that you are not in service. We would love to have you worship with us again.  Until we meet again, keep me and the ministry in your prayers, and we will do the same for you.
May God Truly Bless You,
Pastor Daniel L. Baker and 1 Lady Raila V. Baker
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